How can I take care of my G_CEROs?


  • Sole: non-slip natural TR.
  • Plant: Suede leather.
  • Cut: Soft Eco-Skin.
  • Hardware finish: Old brass.

Non-slip natural TR sole

Wash with a damp towel or antibacterial gel.

Suede leather insole and soft Eco-leather cut

Our suede-like leather material can be washed with a small brush and pumpkin soap that you can find in any supermarket.

1. Moisten the brush in the soap.

2. Carve the material carefully, with the rest of the soap you can wash the upper of the shoe.

3. Leave to dry in the shade.

Old brass hardware finish

Wash with a damp towel or antibacterial gel.


  • It is important to remember that our G_CEROs made of leather must be kept out of contact with water as the properties of the leather lose quality and life time.
  • The short life of footwear generated by keeping them in contact with water is the responsibility of the customer.


  • G_CERO does not have footwear restructuring, so the client can carry out this action with personnel outside the leather specialist company.