Shipping Policies

We ship worldwide via ESTAFETA, FEDEX and PACKAGE EXPRESS.

Delivery time

All our products are made by hand with a lot of love, so it takes 8-15 business days to manufacture once the payment for your order is received and the parcel requires 2 to 5 business days to deliver it to your address, approximate delivery time: 12-20 business days (2 to 3 weeks)

  • The choice of parcel is the responsibility of the customer and G_CERO is not responsible for delivery delays for the parcel selected by the buyer.
  • Delivery time is approximate and may vary.
  • In case of placing your order in promotions, it may take around 4 weeks to arrive at your home.

G_CERO is manufactured to order so NO we have express shipments.

If your order is in STOCK, it will arrive at your home in less time.

Shipping cost

The shipping cost is quoted directly in the shopping cart before making your payment. (The cost varies depending on the delivery area)

FREE Shipping

Free shipments made on purchases of $ 2,500 + mxn applying the code corresponding to this promotion, will be sent via Estafeta ground or Express Package.

* Promotion valid only within the Mexican Republic *

Order monitoring

  • It is extremely important that the customer has constant monitoring of their order with the tracking guide sent to their email (look for spam or unwanted emails) to avoid inconveniences with the delivery of their package in case the parcel has problems to find the shipping address or no one is at the address to receive the package.
  • G_CERO NO is responsible for any circumstance such as these once the package returns to the company, in case your package returns to us, the payment would be made by the customer for a second shipment.
  • G_CERO NO is responsible for delivery delays and / or lost packages by parcel, it is essential that the customer contact customer service of their selected parcel to resolve any inconvenience such as these .
  • Some parcels may not have coverage for the entire Mexican Republic, G_CERO is not responsible for the delivery of packages at a branch whose address is far from the possibilities of parcel delivery. In this case, the customer must pick up the package at the nearest branch.
  • G_ZERO DOES NOT make refunds under any circumstances.

International shipments

In 80% of cases an extra tax of 25% will be charged approximately at the time of picking up your package, which in some cases will have been detained by Customs.

  • G_CERO NO is responsible for this extra charge generated from the Customs of each country.


For reasons of health, the parcel may take longer to deliver a package depending on the area and the entry and exit rules of each city. Parcel may not deliver your package to your home and leave the package at a branch due to health issues.

Missing packages

We are not financially responsible for lost packages or sent to wrong addresses if the error was from the customer. < / p>

G_CERO only has fast and efficient order tracking support from ESTAFETA and FEDEX parcels.

  • In case of having a package lost or delivered to an incorrect address by the parcel, it will be necessary to contact customer service directly with parcel.

G_CERO is not obliged to track the customer's orders or solve package delivery problems, it is extremely important that the customer is pending and in communication with the parcel office in the event of any unforeseen event with their order.

G_CERO can support to solve the problems made before a delivery, however, it is NOT their responsibility and it is not the obligation of the company to comply with this situation unless that the package is returned directly to the company in case the delivery is not made.

G_CERO NO is responsible for delivery delays and / or packages lost by the parcel, it is essential that the client contact the customer service of their selected parcel to resolve any inconvenient like these.

Packages returned to factory

In this situation the packages are returned due to delivery failure as well as lack of monitoring of their order by the customer and G_CERO will contact the customer to resolve the delivery of their product. < / p>

  • The customer must pay for a second shipment in order to deliver their order by second attempt.
  • If the payment of a second shipment is not made, the customer's purchase will be canceled and G_CERO will not return the payment under any circumstances in compliance with our PURCHASE POLICIES .


We reserve the right to modify or change shipping policies at any time, so please check back frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately after they are posted on the website. If we make significant changes to this policy, it will be notified that it has been updated via e-mail.

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April 21, 2021 at 9:00 p.m.