Changes and policies

. We DO NOT make refunds nor cancellations.

Requirements to make changes

If you want to make a change either by size number or factory defect, send an email to indicating:

  • Order number
  • Reason for change request
  • Size you want to make the change
  • Attach photographs of the footwear in all its angles to show that they are in good condition and with this continue your exchange request

Deadline for making changes

1. Once the payment of the order is generated, the customer only has 24 hours to make any change in it, after this period of time we will NOT be able to generate any change until the merchandise arrives at the indicated address and a change of size is requested on it.

2. The time period that the client will have to request a change of size in a product will be 5 calendar days counting from the moment the product is delivered.

3. The period that the client will have to request the change to the factory default in a product will be 15 calendar days counting from the moment the product is delivered.

  • Any request received outside of these deadlines will be denied.

Requirements to make changes

4. It is essential that your G_CEROs are in the conditions that you received them to be able to make the change (without any type of use, inside its original box, dust cover paper and the box inside the package or protective bag in the one that came into your hands), otherwise, a penalty will be charged for any damage directly to the footwear or original packaging.

5. You must wait for the confirmation from the email to start the change process, which will be arriving in approximately two business days, the shipping costs for change will be absorbed by the customer.

Prepaid guide

6. Within the confirmation a prepaid guide is included (standard) for the shipment of the product that you will have than print, paste in the box without damaging the package and take it to the ESTAFETA, FEDEX or REDPACK branch, as appropriate, closest to your home.

  • The exchange guide expires 5 calendar days after being generated, if it is not sent within that period, the exchange process will be canceled or the cost of generating a second guide will be absorbed by the client.

In case the shipment has been free (without cost), the cost of change will be borne by the customer along with instructions to be indicated by email. Once the change is accepted and the shipping information is provided, there is 5 calendar days to send the merchandise , if the process is not sent within that period The exchange rate will be canceled and the request will no longer be accepted.

Change process

7. G_ZERO will be waiting to physically receive the returned product to certify that it meets the exchange specifications and thus send your new pair as quickly as possible.

Exchange regulations

8. G_CERO does not make changes to orders generated under promotion or discount.

9. G_CERO does not make changes to orders generated in the SALES * section once the payment is made.

10. G_CERO does not make changes to colors or models once the merchandise is received, since we use the pre-order scheme.

11. G_ZERO no is responsible for the incorrect choice of size by the customer, our size guide is only a suggestion and NO is a 100% safe choice since the measurements and foot lasts are different for each person.

Default changes

12. For any factory defect, must be notified immediately in order to evaluate the case and follow up within the first 15 calendar days of purchase. Subject to valuation and resolution by the G_CERO team.

Color changes

13. G_CERO can manufacture any model in all the colors available in our colorimetry, the client can experiment and create their own design or color change in their favorite models.

14. G_CERO is not responsible for not meeting customer expectations in color changes in models that we do not have in the online store.

Total and partial refund

15. In IN NO case will refunds be made to the customer in cash or by bank transfer, and order cancellations will not be made once the payment has been generated.


* Discount codes NOT are valid to generate an exchange.

* Changes in size YES have a shipping cost per change and this is absorbed by the customer who requests it.

* Changes by factory default DO NOT have a shipping cost per change and this is absorbed by the company.


G_CERO reserves the right to reject returns or exchanges communicated, sent after the established period, or merchandise that is not in the same conditions in which they were received.


We reserve the right to modify or change shipping policies at any time, so please check back frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately after they are posted on the website. If we make significant changes to this policy, it will be notified that it has been updated via e-mail.

Last update

April 1, 2021 at 9:00 p.m.