G_ZERO guarantee

Time to generate a warranty report

  • The guarantee time of our G_CERO is 15 calendar days counting from when the merchandise was delivered to the indicated address, any report generated outside this period will be denied.

Requirements to generate a warranty report

If you want to make a warranty report send an email to hello@g-cero.com indicating:

  • Order number
  • Report reason
  • Attach photographs of the footwear in all its angles to show that they are in good condition as well as indicate the points to report and with this continue your warranty request

Requirements to generate a guarantee

  • It is essential that your G_CERO are in the conditions that you received them to be able to make a warranty change (inside its original box, dust cover paper and the box inside the package or protective bag in which it came to your hands) Otherwise, a penalty will be charged for any damage provided directly to the original footwear or packaging.
  • You must wait for the confirmation from the email to begin the process of exchange for warranty, which will be arriving in approximately two business days, shipping costs will be absorbed by the company. Subject to valuation and resolution by the G_CERO team.

Cautions to generate a guarantee

  • It is important to remember that our G_CEROs made of leather must be kept out of contact with water as the properties of the leather lose quality and life time.
  • The short life of the footwear generated by keeping them in contact with water is the responsibility of the customer and NO will be applicable to generate a guarantee.

Prepaid guide

  • Within the confirmation a prepaid guide is included (standard) for the shipment of the product that you will have to print, paste it in the box without damaging the package and take it to the ESTAFETA, FEDEX or REDPACK branch, as appropriate, closest to your home.
  • The exchange guide expires 5 calendar days after being generated, if it is not sent within that period, the exchange process will be canceled or the cost of generating a second guide will be absorbed by the client.

Once the warranty report has been accepted and the shipping information provided, there is 5 calendar days to send the merchandise , if it is not shipped within After that period, the exchange process will be canceled and the request will no longer be accepted.

Change process

  • G_CERO will be waiting to physically receive the returned product to prove that it meets the exchange specifications and thus send your new pair as quickly as possible.

Regulation to generate a warranty report

  • Footwear should not be kept in humid or enclosed places.
  • Each person is special and has different needs according to footwear, so there will be models that can fit some feet correctly and others the opposite.

Total and partial refund

  • In NO case refunds will be made to the customer in cash or by bank transfer as well as order cancellations will not be made once the payment has been generated.

Any questions about this information, the client can review our EXCHANGE POLICIES or send their questions to hello@g-cero.com

G_CERO reserves the right to reject returns or exchanges communicated, sent after the deadline, or merchandise that is not in the same conditions in which they were received.