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The most comfortable and fresh leather and eco-leather sandals ready to accompany you every day, you will not want to take them off.


  • Sole: Natural engraved EVA anti-slip.
  • Sole: Suede Leather.
  • Cut: Soft eco-leather.
  • Hardware finish: Old brass.
  • Straps: Adjustable.
  • Comfort insole with leather-lined memory foam.

Height: 5 cm.

Weight: 300 grams.

Todos nuestros productos son elaborados a mano con mucho amor por lo que tardamos 5-8 días hábiles en la fabricación una vez recibido el pago de tu pedido y la paquetería requiere de 2 a 5 días hábiles para entregarlo en tu domicilio, tiempo aproximado de entrega: 10-15 días hábiles (de 1 a 3 semanas). 

G_CERO trabaja bajo el esquema de pre-order lo cual ayuda a la sustentabilidad del producto, ya que hay menos desperdicios, menos almacenaje y por ende, menos merma de producto, cada par se hace a mano para la persona que lo está adquiriendo.

*El tiempo de entrega es un aproximado y este puede variar.

*En caso de realizar tu pedido con promociones este puede tardar alrededor de 4 semanas en llegar a tu domicilio.

At G_CERO we know that wearing the correct shoe size is very important.


  • We have full-size sizes from 22 MX to 27 MX in women's models and from 22 MX to 31 MX for men.

  • The size of our G_CEROs is exact and the straps / straps of most of our models are adjustable.

Categories / genre

  • ALL our models are unisex and inclusive, however, the men's collection has a thicker sole as well as a thicker leather upper.


  • The recommended fit is that the foot is inside the insole so that the edge does not hurt when walking.
  • If your foot is wide, thick, with a high instep or very thin, you can try to choose models with buckles that can be adjusted to the needs of your foot, since if you select other types of models, these could hurt or discomfort .
The measurements in the following table are measured from the beginning to the end of the shoe (exactly from toe to toe).

How to measure your foot to know your ideal size in G_CERO?

All you need is a tape measure or a ruler in centimeters to be able to measure from the heel to where your longest toe reaches, check the measurement it gives you (in centimeters) and consider the following table:

  • It is important to remember that each foot is different and has its own needs, so the choice of size is personal and depends on the needs of your foot, G_ZERO not is responsible for the wrong choice size by the customer.

Our size guide is NOT a 100% safe choice since the measurements and foot lasts are different for each person.

Hecho en México


Nuestra plantilla con tecnología comfy chic es única en el mercado, ya que cuenta con memoria y la combinación perfecta de materiales que la hace suave pero firme a la vez otorgándole a tu pie el mayor descanso posible durante el día.